Names of taxa covered by the ICSP Subcommittee on the Taxonomy of Pasteurellaceae

The newest monograph on the taxonomy of the family Pasteurellaceae is Christensen, H., Kuhnert, P., Nørskov-Lauritsen, N., Planet, P.J., & Bisgaard, M. 2014. Family Pasteurellaceae. In The Prokaryotes 4th ed. Vol. 9, pp. 535-564. Erko Stackebrandt, Eugene Rosenberg, Ed Delong, Steven Lory, and Fabiano Thompson. Springer, New York.

Table. Members of Pasteurellaceae with a valid name and some unnamed taxa.




of genus (T)

Type strain or reference strain used to generate the 16S rRNA or genomic sequence 16S rRNA sequence Genomes
Actinobacillus anseriformium CCUG 60324T AY172727
Actinobacillus arthritidis CCUG 24862T AF247712


CCUG 12396 T

DSM 19761T

M75069 ARFN
[Actinobacillus] delphinicola NCTC 12870T AY362889
Actinobacillus equuli subsp. equuli NCTC 8529 T M75072 CP007715
Actinobacillus equuli subsp. haemolyticus F154 T AF247716
Actinobacillus hominis CCUG 19800 T L06076
[Actinobacillus] indolicus CIP 105316T U65584
Actinobacillus lignieresii T NCTC 4189 T M75068
[Actinobacillus] minor NM305 T U65582 ACQL
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae

ATCC 27088 T




[Actinobacillus] porcinus CCUG 38924T U65583
Actinobacillus. porcitonsillarum 99-536-55H-F AF486274
[Actinobacillus] rossii CCUG 16938 T AF024526
[Actinobacillus] scotia ATCC 27072T Y09653
[Actinobacillus] seminis ATCC 15768T M75047
[Actinobacillus] succinogenes 130Z T AF024525 CP000746
Actinobacillus suis ATCC 33415T AY362899 CP009159
Actinobacillus ureae ATCC 25986 T M75075 AEVG
Actinobacillus genomospecies 1 F264 AF247723
Actinobacillus genomospecies 2 F141 AF247717
Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans T

ATCC 33384 T

DSM 8324T


Aggregatibacter aphrophilus (includes Haemophilus paraphrophilus) ATCC 33389 T M75041 AEWB
Aggregatibacter segnis ATCC 33393 T M75043 AEPS
Avibacterium avium NCTC 11297T M75058
Avibacteriumendocarditidis 20186 H4H1 T DQ465412
Avibacterium gallinarum T NCTC 11188 T M75059
Avibacterium paragallinarum NCTC 11296 T AY498868
Avibacterium volantium NCTC 3438T M75070
Basfia succiniciproducens T DSM 22022T FJ463881
Bibersteinia trehalosi T NCTC 10370 T AY362927
Bisgaardia hudsonensis T M327_99_2T_ GU295084
Bisgaardia miroungae CCUG 65148 T KF871284
Chelonobacter oris T 1662 T EU331064 JSUM
Cricetibacter osteomyelitidis T CCUG 36451 T KF875566
Frederiksenia canicola T

HPA 21 T

CCUG 62410 T


Gallibacterium anatis


F149 T

DSM 16844T

AF228001 ARBQ
Gallibacterium melopsittaci F450T EU339196
Gallibacterium salpingitidis F150T EU424000
Gallibacterium trehalosifermentans 52/S3/90T EU339199


genomospecies 1

CCM 5974 AF228015


genomospecies 3


CCUG 15565

Haemophilus aegyptius (Koch-Weeks bacillus)

NCTC 8502 T

ATCC 11116 T

M75044 AFBC
[Haemophilus] ducreyi CIP 54.2 T M75078
[Haemophilus] felis ATCC 49733T AF224292
[Haemophilus] haemoglobinophilus NCTC 1659 T M75064
Haemophilus haemolyticus NCTC 10659 T M75045 AJSV
Haemophilus influenzae T ATCC 33391 T M35019 LN831035
[Haemophilus] paracuniculus ATCC 29986T M75061
[Haemophilus] parahaemolyticus NCTC 8479 T AJ295746
[Haemophilus] parainfluenzae ATCC 33392 T M75081 AEWU
[Haemophilus] paraphrohaemolyticus NCTC 10670 T M75076
[Haemophilus] parasuis NCTC 4557 T M75065
Haemophilus pittmaniae HK85 T AJ290755 AFUV
Haemophilus sputorum CCUG 13788 T JF506642 AFNK
Histophilus somni       T HS8025 T AF549387
Lonepinella koalarum T ACM 3666 T Y17189
Mannheimia caviae T138021-75T HM439607
Mannheimia glucosida CCUG 38457 T AY362912
Mannheimia granulomatis ATCC 49244 T AY362913 JHZD
Mannheimia haemolytica T NCTC 9380 T AF060699
Mannheimia ruminalis CCUG 38470 T AF053900
Mannheimia varigena CCUG 38462 T AF053893
Mesocricetibacter intestinalis T CCUG 28030 T KF875567
Muribacter muris T MCCM 02461 T AF224289 JWIZ
Necropsobacter rosorum T P709 TCCUG 28028 T GU966652
Nicoletella semolina T CCUG 43639T AY508816
Otariodibacter oris T

Baika1 T

CCUG 59994 T

[Pasteurella] aerogenes ATCC 27883 T U66491
[Pasteurella] bettyae CCUG 2042 T AY362917 AJSX

[Pasteurella] caballi,

(Bisgaard taxon 42)  

ATCC 49197 T AY362918
Pasteurella canis ATCC 43326 T M75049
Pasteurella dagmatis ATCC 43325 T M75051
[Pasteurella] langaaensis CCUG 15566T AY362922
[Pasteurella] mairii      NCTC 10699 T AF024523
Pasteurella multocida subsp. multocida T NCTC 10322T AY078999 CP008918
Pasteurella multocida subsp. gallicida NCTC 10204T AF294412
Pasteurella multocida subsp. septica NCTC 11995T AF225205
Pasteurella oralis CCUG 19794 T M75052
[Pasteurella] pneumotropica

NCTC 8141T

CCUG 2042 T

DSM 21403 T




[Pasteurella] skyensis 95A1 T AJ243202
Pasteurella stomatis     ATCC 43327 T M75050
[Pasteurella] testudinis CCUG 19802T AY362926
Phoconobacter uteri T NCTC 12872 T X89379
Testudinibacter aquatius T CCUG 65146 T KJ632971
Ursidibacter marinus T CCUG 65144 T KJ632968
Vespertiliibacterpulmonis T CCUG 64585 T KF031240
Volucribacter psittacicida T CCUG 47536T AY216868
Volucribacter amazonae CCUG 47537T AY216869
Bisgaard taxon 5 CCUG16493 L06080
Bisgaard taxon 6 CCUG 15568 L06081
Bisgaard taxon 7 CCUG24852 L06082
Bisgaard taxon 8 CCUG16494 L06083
Bisgaard taxon 10 CCUG 15572 AF024528
Bisgaard taxon 14 CCUG 16499 L06086
Bisgaard taxon 17 CCUG17206 AF024529
Bisgaard taxon 22 F75 AY172726
Bisgaard taxon 32 HPA106 AY172729
Bisgaard taxon 44 B96/4 DQ381156
Bisgaard taxon 45 ATCC BAA-600 AY057994
Bisgaard taxon 46 CDCA996 AY683491

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Genus names in brackets indicate that the species have been suggested to be reclassified to other or to new genera.